The idea is to make more effective use of wind power with the aid of a joint high-voltage network between European cities such as Hamburg, Rotterdam and London and offshore wind parks. The study will examine how far it is possible to solve the problem of irregular power generation by wind without complicated and expensive storage technology. This North Sea network could also be used for regional energy exchange and could thus help boost electricity trading within Europe.

Countries bordering the North Sea, including Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and the UK are included in the study.

Siemens PTD and Submarine Cable & Pipe, a subsidiary of the Bohlen & Doyen Group together with ForWind, the Wind Power Research Center of the Universities of Oldenburg and Hanover are taking part in the study, which has a total budget of euro2.1 million. The project will be subsidised for three years with a 50% grant from the EU Commission to study the field of trans-European networks.

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