GE and Turkish energy company MetCap Energy Investments announced on 18 November their plans for two major power projects in Turkey. These new investments will raise MetCap’s installed capacity with GE technology to more than 2000 MW by 2016.

The first is Eurostar, advertised as one of Europe’s most efficient natural gas-fired power plants. Based on 9FB turbines, the 878 MW plant will become part of Istanbul’s supply, supporting Turkey’s efforts to modernise its ageing energy infrastructure and meet its growing power requirements.

The second involves the Dervish project, the world’s first integrated renewables combined-cycle (IRCC) plant, currently under development, which has received approval from the Turkish government to nearly double its output by the addition of a second unit. The initial phase of the plant in Karaman, Turkey, was announced in June and is based on GE’s FlexEfficiency 50 combined-cycle technology. The license extension allows energy output to be increased from 570 MW to 1080 MW. The licence extension allows for a second plant featuring FlexEfficiency combined with eSolar’s concentrated solar power technology. It will also enable the Turkish power grid to use more wind, solar and natural gas, helping to meet a growing demand for cleaner, affordable and reliable power generation.

To coincide with the announcement of these new investments, MetCap and GE signed a share purchase agreement that transfers a portion of shares in eSolar to MetCap.

When completed, probably in 2014, the Eurostar power plant, which consists of two Frame 9FB gas turbines, one steam turbine and one heat recovery steam generator, will run at a projected thermal efficiency of over 58% and feature zero-liquid discharge, lower emissions and a rapid-response, 35-minute start capability. The plant will be located in Kirklareli, near Istanbul. The EPC will be undertaken by the GE-Gama consortium.   

“Turkey needs a diversified and sustainable energy resource portfolio due to the country’s growing economic needs and energy demands that cannot be met with a single fuel or technology,” said Ricardo Cordoba, regional president of GE Energy. “Without investment in new power plants, Turkey could face a serious energy shortage. Efficient natural gas fired combined-cycle power plants like Eurostar will be a critical part of the country’s electricity supply.”