Swedish utility Falbygdens Energi has placed an order with ABB for a dynamic energy storage solution for its power distribution network.

The storage system is based on technology that uses a battery storage device. It provides stability to the grid by storing energy produced by wind farms and releasing it when energy demand peaks.

The device is the first such low-voltage dynamic storage solution of its kind in Sweden, and will also form part of a study by Falbygdens Energi to test the feasibility of using storage devices for charging electric vehicles.

The storage system will have a capacity of 75 kW in cycles of up to 60 minutes and will be installed in an existing substation in the city of Falköping.

“We have a significant proportion of wind power connected to the grid in this region and expect this to grow further,” said Lars Ohlsson, CEO of Falbygdens Energi. “This innovative storage solution will make it possible to store wind energy during the night when demand is low and distribute it to users during the day, allowing us to use this clean renewable energy more efficiently and minimizing the need for fossil fuel-based electricity generation.”