The first of two 170 MW gas turbines has arrived in Brazil to help the country combat its current power shortage. The units are both being supplied by GE Gas Turbines.

One of the two MS7001FA turbines will be installed at the Ibirite‚ power plant in the southeastern state of Minas Gerais.

The second is destined for the Canoas power plant in Rio Grande do Sul. Both plants are owned by Petrobras. Fiat Avio is Petrobras’ partner in the Ibirite‚ project.

A series of dry summers have reduced output from Brazil’s hydropower plants which provide its main source of power. To combat the shortage, the government has launched a programme to built 15 thermal power stations by 2003 with an aggregate capacity of over 6400 MW.

The Ibirite‚ and Canoas plants are scheduled to enter service during the first quarter of 2002. In 2003, or 2004 a second gas turbine and a steam turbine will be added to each, converting each plant to combined cycle. Power from the plants will supply Petrobras refineries, with excess being sold to the grid.

• Meanwhile, GE has also shipped four 1 MW ‘Power in a Box’ units to Brazil.