The Estlink 2 electricity interconnection is on track to be operational in 2014 after Elering and Fingrid began cable laying operations in mid-October.

The 650 MW interconnector will play an important role in improving energy security in the Baltic region and will cost €320 million to build. Cable-laying began on 15 October 2012 on the Estonian side of the Gulf of Finland, according to Finnish transmission system operator (TSO) Fingrid.

Estlink 2 will connect the electricity systems of Finland and Estonia, bringing the interconnection capacity between the two countries to 1000 MW. Cable-laying on the Finnish side of the link will start in November or December 2012, depending on weather conditions.

The 170 km link is due to be commissioned in early 2014. The cost of the project is being met by Fingrid and its Estonian counterpart, Elering, and the project will also receive €100 million in investment subsidy from the EU.

The laying of the cable from the Estonian coast takes about a week, as will the laying of the cable in the sea area of Finland later on. The cables will be connected at the middle of the Gulf of Finland.

After the laying of the cable, it will be submerged and protected in the seabed by means of a water jetting method.