Belgian horticultural company Varegro is using a Cummins HSK78G gas generator to power its greenhouse facility in Oostrozebeke, West Flanders, making it the first in the world to be installed in a greenhouse environment.

Varegro has selected the newly launched Cummins HSK78G generator to provide combined heat and power to the energy intensive facility.

The generator is set up to recover CO2 from a greenhouse 40 000 sq m and provides a power source that protects the greenhouse from power outages.   

The generator has been designed for maximum reliability, says Cummins It can operate in extreme weather conditions and has a full power capability up to 40°C (104F) with standard turbo offering, and up to 55°C (131F) with the high ambient turbo offering.

The unit has an electrical efficiency of 44.2%, and powers the lighting, recuperation and hot water for the premises. Any surplus is then sold to the grid.

Stefan DeWit, project manager, Cummins Power Generation, commented: “With the addition of the exhaust gas heat exchangers and heat condensers, low and high temperatures can be recuperated achieving a total efficiency of  [effectively] 103%.” Cummins is responsible for the project’s full maintenance programme.