Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has been selected by Grand River Dam Authority, Oklahoma’s state-owned utility, to supply an M501J gas turbine for GRDA’s Chouteau CCGT power plant. This is the first US order for a J-Series gas turbine.
The GT will be supplied through Mitsubishi Power Systems Americas, Inc. MHI’s wholly owned subsidiary for power systems business in the USA. The 495 MW plant to be built at Chouteau, about 56 km east of Tulsa, will help GRDA meet new emissions regulations by reducing its dependence on coal-fired power generation. The plant is scheduled to become operational in March 2017.

Components to be supplied to GRDA other than the GT include an SRT-50 steam turbine and a generator.
The turbine will be manufactured at MHI’s manufacturing base in Savannah. The generator will be supplied by Mitsubishi Electric Corp. A separate long-term service agreement (LTSA), which includes maintenance of the plant, replacement parts supply and remote monitoring after the plant operation commencement, is expected to be signed.

The J-Series was developed by MHI in 2009, incorporating the company’s proprietary technologies. The total number of J-Series gas turbine orders has now reached 28 units. Currently nine J-Series gas turbines are in operation, accumulating more than 28 000 hours collectively.