Following a three month process of due diligence, Framatome ANP, (a company owned 66/34 by Areva and Siemens ), has completed its purchase of Duke Engineering & Services (DE&S), a subsidiary of Duke Energy Corporation of the USA.

The purchase includes three former business groups of Duke E & S – Nuclear, Federal and Energy & Environmental. The new division, which will be called Framatome ANP DE&S, had revenues of more than $280 million in 2001.

This acquisition is very much a part of Framatome’s global strategy, and a statement of their belief in the US nuclear market. Revenues in the US will rise to over $1.5 billion as a result of the acquisition.

Framatome ANP DE&S will maintain three basic business groups. The Nuclear group will focus on nuclear engineering, plant upgrades, instrumentation and control, and spent fuel storage engineering. The Federal group provides engineering and site management for several Department of Energy nuclear sites. The Energy and Environmental group will continue to serve the hydro, gas transmission and fossil energy markets.