The Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute (GCCSI) says that its work to develop carbon capture technologies will be advanced by the opening of a new office in Tokyo, Japan.

The Australia-based organization now has over 320 members as well as offices in Europe and North America and says that the opening of its first Asia office will enhance its engagement with the region.

“An idea that took shape in Australia now has a visible presence here in Japan,” said Australian Minister for Resources and Energy Martin Ferguson at an official opening ceremony in Tokyo. “In just over two years of operation the Global CCS Institute has already accomplished a great deal in promoting knowledge sharing between countries and promoting the commercial scale deployment of CCS around the world.”

According to the International Energy Agency fossil fuels will account for more than half of the projected 36 per cent increase in worldwide energy consumption by 2035.

“As the Asia Pacific region is expected to account for much of the growth in demand for coal, and is home to more and more clean-coal research it is important for the Global CCS Institute to have an office here,” said Ferguson.

Japan and China have joined countries in North America and Europe that are funding large-scale CCS demonstration projects that are designed to further develop CCS technology for power generation and other applications.