GE and Electricite du Laos (EDL) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to launch joint research and training programmes in support of the long-term development of the country’s energy sector.
The MoU involves two initiatives designed to help the Lao Republic advance its ambitions of becoming an important power producer and exporter in the ASEAN region.
Lao PDR has experienced a rapid growth in installed hydropower capacity and is a regional leader in potential future capacity. The MoU aims at developing a fully qualified workforce for hydro via GE’s potential contribution to the design and development of a hydro ‘curriculum’, hydropower technical trainings in GE’s industrial facilities, in Lao PDR’s hydro power plants, and
producing and training local managers via access to GE’s corporate training facilities. There is also an aim to improve access to power by local communities.
Another initiative described in the MoU is a national grid study to be conducted by GE Energy Consulting with the aim to contribute to the security and reliability of EDL’s transmission network. Under the initiative, GE would analyse the existing grid system to identify current constraints and make recommendations for improved performance. The feasibility of consolidating the grid infrastructure in Lao PDR, especially in regard to creating links to neighbouring countries, would also be assessed, as would proposed network expansion plans for the next four years.