GE has announced the brand names of the future companies it will create through its planned separation during the next two years into three global, investment-grade public companies focused on the growth sectors of healthcare, energy, and aviation. 

GE’s portfolio of energy businesses, including Renewable Energy, Power, Digital, and Energy Financial Services, will sit together under the brand name GE Vernova, while GE Aerospace will be the name of GE’s aviation business. The healthcare businesses will be grouped under GE HealthCare. GE’s heritage and global brand is valued at nearly $20 billion.

H. Lawrence Culp, Jr., chairman and CEO of GE, and CEO of GE Aerospace commented: “Today marks a key milestone in GE’s plan to become three independent, laser-focused companies. Leveraging GE’s multi-billion-dollar global brand gives us a competitive advantage in our end markets”.

GE plans to execute the tax-free spin-off of GE Vernova in early 2024. The new name is a combination of ‘ver,’ derived from the stem word ‘verde’ to signify the green of the Earth, and ‘nova,’ which GE says is to reflect a new and innovative era of lower carbon energy that GE Vernova will help deliver. These attributes are also reflected in GE Vernova’s new ‘evergreen’ brand colour.

Following these planned spin-offs, GE will become an aviation-focused company called GE Aerospace. After the planned separations, GE Aerospace would own the GE trademark and would provide long-term licences to the other companies.

Having consulted with its own customers, GE hopes to build on its legacy, typified in its well-known brand monogram, which it believes represents a legacy of ‘innovation, a symbol of trust by global customers, pride for our team, and a talent magnet for future leaders.’