Five power plants are planned in the Niger Delta area that will add more than 2,000 MW when they enter service in 2007.

All of the gas turbines for the five projects are GE Frame 9E machines. Installation sites include Calabar, where 5 turbines will add over 564 MW, Eyaen, near Benin City, and Sapele-Delta state where each project will have 4 units adding more than 451 MW each, Egbema in Imo state with 3 units adding more than 338MW and Gbarain/Ubie in Bayelsa state, where two units will add more than 225 MW.

Initially the turbines will operate in simple-cycle mode, with conversion to combined-cycle planned later. In addition, GE will supply generators and transformers, and will supervise the erection of the power plants. Under a separate, contractual service agreement, GE will provide maintenance, spare parts and repair services.