GE has secured its largest order for Jenbacher gas engines as part of a rural electrification initiative in Bangladesh.

Independent Power Producer (IPP) Shahjibazar Power Co. Ltd. has placed an order for 32 engines to be installed at a new power plant north of Dhaka. The project is part of a major initiative in the country to improve electricity supplies in rural areas that do not have reliable transmission grids.

The units for the Shahjibazar project will be contained in two powerhouses and will generate 92.8 MW of electricity for the local grid. The engines are scheduled to be commissioned by the beginning of 2009.

The government of Bangladesh has made electricity sector development a top priority and has pledged to provide all of its citizens with power by 2020. More than 250 Jenbacher units have been sold in Bangladesh, according to GE.

The new power plant will consist of 32 natural gas fuelled J620 GS Jenbacher engines. The order comes nearly a year after the company secured an order for 28 Jenbacher units for four separate IPP projects in Bangladesh.