GE has secured an order to supply power generation equipment for a new generating block at JSC Tatenergo’s Zainskaya State District Power Plant located in Zainsk, in the Tatarstan Republic, Russia. The new combined cycle plant will be designed and built by the Turkish engineering, procurement, and construction company ENKA, as part of a modernisation project at one of the largest power plants in Tatarstan. 

GE will supply equipment for the project including its most efficient gas turbine 9HA.02, with an RH heat recovery steam generator, an STF-D650 steam turbine, and H78 and A78 generators.

Zainskaya SDPP was built in the 1960s and is one of the largest combined heat and power plants in Russia today, with a capacity of 2.2 GW. The plant connects Russia’s European energy system with the energy systems in the Urals and Siberia regions, and generates approximately 25% of the power consumed in Tatarstan, including the Republic’s capital city Kazan. Replacing some of the plant’s elderly steam units with 9HA gas turbine technology will significantly increase the efficiency of the power plant, reduce the natural gas consumption and emissions, and drive down the cost of electricity.

Rauzil Khaziev, general director of Tatenergo: “The construction of Zainskaya SDPP was a landmark project for the country at the time. This power station was the largest in Russia and remains so to this day. Our aim is more than simply making the station reliable, as over the decades the reliability of the plant's equipment has never been called into question. Our mission is to make the plant efficient for energy consumers and for our company.”

The new 858 MW CCGT power plant will benefit from technology capable of reaching more than 64% net combined cycle efficiency. GE holds two world records for the most efficient combined cycle power plants, and Zainskaya SDPP is expected to become one of the most efficient power stations in Russia.

GE has the fastest growing H-class fleet in the industry today – it has provided more than 21.5GW of power to 24 power plants globally.