GE will manufacture the largest generator transformer ever made in Turkey at its power transformers factory in Gebze. This 820 MVA generator step-up transformer, for Terna SA, will be the largest transformer of its type to be deployed in Greece. Scheduled for completion in 2018, it will be installed at the new 660 MW, pulverised lignite fired unit 5 of Ptolemais power plant located at the Komanos mine in Western Macedonia Prefecture.
Terna SA has been awarded the EPC contract by PPC to build and put in operation a steam unit of 660 MWe (gross) and capable of supplying 140 MWt for district heating. This project will bring a significant improvement to the ecological footprint for the Ptolemais power plants. It is also expected to reduce the cost of power generation and contribute to Greece's energy infrastructure, power grid reliability and supply security.
The transformer is expected to be complete and ready for transport within a year.