Germany’s four network operators have announced that they will increase the surcharge added to consumers’ bills to cover the cost of renewables by 18 per cent next year.
The four companies – TransnetBW, TenneT TSO, Amprion and 50Hertz Transmission – say that the annual cost of supporting renewable energy feed-in tariffs (FITs) will rise to €23.6 billion in 2014, an increase of just over €3 billion.
The increases will put further pressure on Chancellor Angela Merkel to tackle rising energy costs as the country switches away from nuclear energy. The issue is likely to become an important point in Merkel’s negotiations with potential coalition partners following her election victory in September.
German electricity consumers will next year pay 6.24 cents per kWh to cover FITs, which were introduced in 2000 under Germany’s renewable energy law (EEG). Merkel is likely to attempt to reform the EEG law in order to help tackle energy costs, although analysts say it is unlikely that retroactive changes will be made.