Macquarie’s Green Investment Group (GIG), Siemens Industry, and Siemens Financial Services (SFS) have announced the formation of Calibrant Energy, a joint venture that aims to offer comprehensive onsite Energy-as-a- Service (EaaS) solutions at no up-front cost for its customers, which include corporate and industrial clients, as well as municipalities, universities, schools and hospitals. 

Using an EaaS model, Calibrant will offer onsite energy solutions that seek to deliver immediate cost savings, cost certainty, resilience and low-cost energy grid augmentation. Its technologies will include solar, integrated solar-battery solutions, hybrid systems, standalone batteries, microgrids, combined heat and power, and centralised heating and cooling infrastructure upgrades. 

The intention is to simplify the transition toward energy decarbonisation for USA corporations and institutions by planning, designing, building, owning, and operating clients’ energy production and storage assets. Calibrant plans to deliver fully integrated and managed energy solutions that can be deployed at scale, including taking on up-front capital investment.