Google has reaffirmed its commitment to powering its datacentres with renewable energy with the signing of a second PPA with a Swedish wind farm.

Wind farm developer Eolus Wind is building four wind farms in Sweden with a total combined capacity of 59 MW. Once completed in early 2015, the wind farms will provide Google’s Hamina, Finland data centre with additional renewable energy as the facility expands in coming years.

"We’re keen to make sure that our data centres around the world use as much renewable energy as possible," said Google in its green blog. "By entering into long term agreements with wind farm developers over the past few years we’ve been able to increase the amount of renewable energy we consume while helping enable the construction of new facilities."

The four wind farms will use a total of 29 wind turbines and will be built in Alered, Mungseröd, Skalleberg and Ramsnäs in Sweden.

"Buying renewable energy in Sweden and consuming it in Finland is possible thanks to Europe’s increasingly integrated power markets, in particular the Nord Pool spot market," said Google. "This allows Google to buy renewable energy with Guarantee of Origin certification in Sweden, "retire" the certificates and then consume an equivalent amount of power elsewhere in Europe."