The UK government, in line with its policy of restricting the construction of gas-fired power stations, has rejected applications for the construction of four such plants but allowed one, Reuters reports.

The Energy Minister, John Battle, approved the construction by InterGen of a 750 MWe plant at Coryton. Approval of the project is subject to the use of gas being limited to 10 668 kWh each year. InterGen is a joint venture between Shell and Bechtel.

Consent was also given for construction of a 20MWe oil-fired black start facility for the Medway power station in Kent.

However the minister has rejected four applications:

  • From Scottish Electric for a 770MWe natural-gas fired plant at Keadby, Lincolnshire.

  • From AES Partington for a 380MWe combined cycle plant at Partington, Manchester.

  • From InterGen for a 800MWe combined cycle plant at Spalding, Lincolnshire.

  • From Keadby Developments Ltd (Scottish Hydro-Electric) for a 130MWe open cycle plant at the Barking power station.