Six renewable power marketeers in the USA have formed a trade association called the Renewable Energy Alliance (REA). The companies intend to use the association to lobby for increased use of renewable energy within the deregulated electricity markets in US states.

The founding members of REA include AllEnergy Marketing Co., Edison Source, Enron Corp., Foresight Energy Co., Green Mountain Energy Resources and PacifiCorp.

According to its interim chairman, REA will advocate policies that foster the development of a robust green power market and will work to build consumer demand for green power. The members believe that electric restructuring could lead to the increased use of renewables.

It supports demands that power suppliers disclose the environmental impact of the sources of their electricity. This would help consumers choose cleaner power products and help to promote competition. It also intends to work with other industry and environmental groups attempting to promote the use of environmentally benign sources of power such as solar, wind and hydro.