Hithium has launched a new 5 MWh energy storage product based on the standard 20–foot container structure and said to exhibit 46% higher energy density. The compact second generation higher-capacity energy storage system comes pre-installed and ready to connect, and will consist of 48 battery modules based on the manufacturer’s new 314 Ah LFP cells, each module providing 104.5 kWh capacity and designed to meet the needs of large utility scale systems for peak shaving and frequency regulation. Safety features include liquid-cooling technology and smart thermal management

The plant includes a 198 MWh LFP (lithium iron phosophate) battery energy storage system together with a 2 MWh VRB (vanadium redox battery) system, a 220 kV booster station, and a single-loop transmission line. The product solutions have been supplied by XJ Group Corporation.

To meet continuing demand from large-scale energy storage projects, Hithium, which is based in Xiamen China, is expanding its production capacity to 70 GWh by end of 2023.

Image: Hithium's new 314Ah container