Iberdrola has increased its global wind energy portfolio with the inauguration of a 102 MW facility in Honduras.

The Cerro de Hula wind farm is the largest in Central America and will make an important contribution to sustainable development in the region, says Iberdrola Ingeniería. It was inaugurated by the President of Honduras, Porfirio Lobo.

The Cerro de Hula wind farm is situated 24 km south of Tegucigalpa in the municipalities of San Buena Ventura and Santa Ana and was built by Iberdrola Ingeniería and Spanish wind turbine manufacturer Gamesa. It features 51 Gamesa G87 wind turbines.

The wind farm cost $200 million to build and will increase Honduras’ installed electricity capacity by ten per cent, says Iberdrola, which operates 13 600 MW of renewable energy capacity world-wide.

The company’s installed wind energy capacity is 13 274 MW. It is building new wind farms in Spain, Mexico, the USA, France, Brazil, Romania, Kenya, Bulgaria and Poland.