A major construction stage at the 160 MW Horn Rev wind farm, 14-20 km west of Blaavandshuk on the west coast of Jutland has been completed two weeks ahead of schedule. The work, timing of which has been dependent on the weather, consisted of driving foundation piles, erecting wind turbines, and laying interconnecting cables.

   Operator Elsam sees this achievement as proof of the possibility of erecting large offshore wind farms – even under the difficult conditions prevailing in the North Sea.

Foundation work by MT Højgaard was completed on August 3 with the mounting of the final transition piece on the 80 wind turbine foundations. On August 21, Vestas completed the installation of 80 wind turbines and on August 23 Nexans installed the final cables connecting the wind turbines. Work still remains to be done, but to date four machines have been commissioned. All 80 should be in operation by mid-November.