The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has announced a 10-year, $1.7 billion development programme for almost 3 GWe of capacity in the Los Angeles basin. The investment will fund the 2900 MW of capacity that will also include renewable sources and demand side management.

Under the 2000 Integrated Resource Plan programme, the department plans to refurbish 10 generation stations including the Valley, Scattergood and Haynes that will be replaced with combined cycle gas turbine systems, starting with Valley in 2003. At the close of the programme, NOx emissions from the three units are expected to be some 65 per cent less than currently, although capacity will have grown by some 450 MWe. Renewables are also expected to add 460 MW, together with the contribution from distributed power and demand side management. The programme is to be partially funded through the sale of the 20 per cent stake in the Mohave Generating station, NV, owned by LADWP and which is expected to raise around £190 million and save a further $75 million in costs on emissions reduction equipment. The LA City Council has approved a proposal to sell the stake to AES Corp.