Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE), building on the merger that took place earlier this year, is now launching a new geared turbine SG 4.2-145, in the new Siemens Gamesa 4.X turbine platform.
Model SG 4.2-145 is said to offer best-in-class LCoE at medium wind sites in the 4 MW class, and mark the start of a next-generation product platform for high performance geared onshore wind turbines. It is expected to increase annual energy production by 21%.
SGRE has also launched a new direct drive offshore wind turbine SG 8.0-167 DD, with a rotor diameter of 167 metres. Its B82 blades, says Siemens, will allow for an 18% greater swept area and up to 20% higher annual energy production than its predecessor SWT-7.0-154. The new unit is based on known technology, combined with its rotor upgrade, to offer customers “reliable revenue streams with reduced cost of energy and mitigated risk.”

Both product launches are part of SGRE`s “One Segment/One Technology” philosophy announced in early November. By 2020, the company will have one technology per business segment. In onshore, SGRE will streamline its technology approach and focus on geared solutions. In offshore, SGRE opts for the direct-drive platform only.

“The single platform strategy helps the company to transition to a more focused offer in the medium-term by utilizing economies of scale throughout the supply chain. This is how we will deliver lasting value to our customers”, says CEO Markus Tacke. Recently launched models based on the existing Siemens Gamesa product platforms will help to bridge into the next years when the new geared platform goes into serial production.

The onshore model SG 4.2-145 is rated at 4.2 MW and features a 145 metre rotor. Its medium wind design will cover a broad range of sites. The technology is based on proven concepts such as a 3-stage gearbox and a double fed induction generator (DFIG). Based on the 4.X platform, further models for high and low-wind sites with rotor diameters of 132 and above 150 m are currently under development.