Saft, the designer and manufacturer of high-tech industrial batteries, has been awarded a contract with Windmar to provide three Intensium Max 20P high-power lithium-ion battery containers to provide ramp-rate control and frequency response for a 10 MW photovoltaic facility in Puerto Rico.
In 2013, only one percent of the island’s electricity came from renewables. But the island’s Renewable Portfolio Standard requires the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority to obtain 20% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2035. Windmar was the first company in Puerto Rico to supply solar energy to PREPA, and has installed more than 15 MW of solar energy on the island to date. Saft’s partnership with Windmar will enable Puerto Rico to integrate more renewable PV into its electricity network. Windmar will now be able to meet PREPA’s minimum technical requirements (MTRs) of 4.5 MW of peak power for ramp-rate control and 1 MW for frequency response.
The Intensium Max containers include modular battery architecture, battery management and active cooling systems, fire suppression and power and communication interfaces.
With the significant output peaks and troughs familiar with renewable energy sources, it is increasingly difficult to integrate these systems into island power grids. Through the energy storage system technology, intermittent generation is smoothed and ramp rates are reduced. The technology also supports highly variable usage patterns. Its fast response time and excellent cycling capability, says Saft, supply the PV facility with the stability and reliability needed to produce energy and cost savings.