MAN Diesel & Turbo is carrying out an internal investigation into possible irregularities – the falsification of performance figures – during the handover of 4-stroke marine diesel engines by MAN Diesel & Turbo SE.

The investigation is being carried out by MAN SE’s compliance department together with external consultants, and is still ongoing, but the company’s management board has been informed of some interim results. According to these, it was possible to externally influence the fuel consumption values for 4-stroke marine diesel engines obtained on test stands at MAN Diesel & Turbo SE (formerly: MAN Diesel SE) and to display results that deviated from those actually measured. The extent to which this has been made use of in the context of handover to customers and the potential financial consequences for the MAN Group will be examined in the course of further investigations. MAN SE will contact the customers concerned.

MAN SE has informed the public prosecutor’s office in Munich of the ongoing investigation and is co-operating closely with it.

The area of 4-stroke marine diesel engines, which forms part of the Engines & Marine Systems division of MAN Diesel & Turbo SE, generated sales of some 371 million Euros in the financial year 2010.