From 2017, two MAN Diesel & Turbo combined heat and power packages will deliver around 17 MW of power and 35 MW of heat to an industrial park in the Chinese provincial capital of Changsha. The order, placed by Changsha ENN Heating Power Co, the energy provider for this large city, is for the company’s THM series and a single shaft MGT 6100 gas turbine, MAN’s most recently developed model. The Changsha plant will be the first to use the MGT 6100 GT.
Konstantin Divivier, head of sales for gas turbines at MAN Diesel & Turbo commented, "These highly efficient turbines are optimised for combined heat and power applications and are ideal for decentralised generation with minimum emissions."
Equipped with dry low emission technology and fired by natural gas, these turbines will replace an existing coal-based plant in Changsha. This also helps support the objectives of the Chinese central government, which is attempting a policy of considerably reducing pollutant emissions across the country.
This is MAN’s second recent success in China. In February it commissioned a CHP plant at a factory in Anting, near Shanghai. The plant covers almost 25 % of the energy needs of one of the biggest car production sites in the country and uses a two-shaft version of the GT, the MGT 6200.