The US state of Massachusetts has selected a bid from Mayflower Wind to develop an offshore wind farm.

Mayflower, a joint venture between Shell New Energies and EDPR Offshore North America, will build an 804 MW project located around 30 km off the coast of Nantucket with an expected start-up date of 2025.

It had presented Massachusetts with a number of bid options in the tender, which was launched in August 2019 and which is a key part of the state’s offshore wind procurement plans.

Mayflower’s bids included three 800 MW proposals and one 400 MW proposal.

The company has taken a similar approach to another offshore wind tender in neighbouring Connecticut, it said.

“Mayflower Wind is proud to have been selected to provide low cost renewable energy to Massachusetts,” said Mayflower Wind President John Hartnett. He added: “Development of the Mayflower Wind project will contribute to the building of an offshore supply chain on the South Coast and across the Commonwealth, helping to launch a new clean, safe and innovative sector of our economy.”

Mayflower said that its winning bid will deliver long term power prices below the original price cap of $84.23/MWh.