According to the latest McCoy Power Report, Mitsubishi Power, the power solutions arm of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, captured the top market share as measured by MW in 2023 with a global gas turbine share of 36%. The company has also secured a 56% market share in the Advanced Class 2 gas turbine market (G, H and J classes) led by Mitsubishi Power’s latest model JAC (J-Series Air-Cooled) gas turbines. This is the second consecutive year for Mitsubishi Power to achieve the top global market share for gas turbines.

Mitsubishi Power has extensive experience with large frame gas turbines, including the F, G and J-class. The J-class (including the JAC model) has exceeded 2.3 million actual operating hours (AOH). Orders are also increasing worldwide, with cumulative orders recently exceeding 120 units.

In the heavy-duty gas turbine market, which is the most popular segment for Gas Turbine Combined Cycle (GTCC) power plants, the JAC is said to be the world’s leading gas turbine with an efficiency greater than 64%.

Another feature contributing to Mitsubishi Power’s leading global status is that all its heavy-duty gas turbines are now equipped with hydrogen co-firing capability. In November 2023, the company successfully executed a fuel blend of 30% hydrogen using a JAC gas turbine at the T-Point 2 Combined Cycle Power Plant Validation Facility within Takasago Hydrogen Park.

Image: Mitsubishi Power's latest J-Series Air-Cooled (JAC) gas turbine (courtesy of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries)