Mitsubishi Power, a brand of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, achieved the number one market position in 2022 with a global gas turbine market share of 33% by MW, according to McCoy Power Reports data. The company has also secured a 49% market share in the Advanced Class gas turbine market, led by Mitsubishi Power’s latest model JAC (J-Series Air-Cooled) gas turbines.

Mitsubishi Power’s results are attributed to ‘its strong project execution track record, high performance, and product reliability’. Its G-series has achieved 7 million actual operating hours and the J-series 2 million AOH.

In the heavy-duty gas turbine market, which is the most popular segment for combined cycle gas turbines, the JAC is said to be the world’s leading gas turbine with an efficiency greater than 64%, and offering the lowest emissions in its class. To date the J-series has exceeded 100 units in cumulative orders, including, in 2022, orders for 20 units of the JAC gas turbine, the latest J-series model.

All Mitsubishi heavy-duty gas turbines are now equipped with hydrogen co-firing capability, and are capable of operating on a mixture of up to 30% hydrogen and 70% natural gas, which is anticipated to be increased to 100% hydrogen in due course.

Image: JAC gas turbine (courtesy of Mitsubishi Power)