Mitsubishi Power, a power solutions brand of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, has received an order for an H-25 gas turbine from the Taiwanese firm Chang Chun Petrochemical Co. The 30 MW turbine is to be be the core of a high-efficiency, natural gas-fired cogeneration facility at the company's Miaoli factory in Miaoli City in the north central region of Taiwan. Operation is scheduled to begin around spring 2025, with the unit supplying power for the company's factories, and steam for manufacturing processes. This is the second H-25 gas turbine that Mitsubishi Power will supply to the Group, following a unit for a group plastics factory announced in 2022.

The gas turbine will replace the existing oil and coal-fired boiler facility, part of a project conducted in response to a request from administrative authorities to reduce coal consumption based on the global trend toward reducing CO2 emissions, and a shift in Taiwan's energy policy. Mitsubishi Power will supply the turbine and auxiliary machinery, and engineers to provide support for installation and trial operations.

The H-25 is a heavy-duty gas turbine, said to exhibit outstanding reliability confirmed by its record of long operating hours.

Image: The H25 gas turbine (courtesy of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries)