Renewable energy developer Neoen is developing plans for a large-scale wind-solar-battery hybrid power plant in South Australia.

The firm is expected to announce plans for a project featuring 1200 MW of wind, 600 MW of solar capacity and 900 MW of battery storage, according to reports.

The Goyder South project is proposed for construction near Burra in the mid-north region of South Australia, and will be built in three stages. It will be located near the proposed 330 kV Energy Connect high voltage transmission project.

The first stage of the project will include one-third of the wind, solar and storage capacity, and will cost A$1 billion to build. Development of the second and third stages will be dependent on completion of the Energy Connect project.

South Australia currently only has interconnection with Victoria, which puts the state at the end of the national electricity grid and makes it vulnerable to supply shortages. The Energy Connect project, a partnership between ElectraNet and TransGrid, is due to be completed in 2022 and will help South Australia achieve its goal of 100 per cent net renewables in the 2030s.