Hy2gen Canada Inc has been selected by Québec’s Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Energy, subject to agreement with Hydro-Québec, to receive electricity for its renewable hydrogen and renewable ammonia production plant in Baie-Comeau. Developed over the past four years in collaboration with the Baie-Comeau community, the project, known as Courant, will contribute to the decarbonisation of Québec, and economic development and job creation in Baie-Comeau through the creation of an industrial ecosystem. Courant is set to produce 237 000 tonnes per year of renewable ammonia, with an electrolyser capacity of 300 MW.

The power for the project will be supplied by Hydro-Québec. This is a pivotal milestone for the project because it marks the point where front-end-engineering can begin and the final investment decision (FID) comes within reach.

If the FID is positive, Hy2gen plans to start construction of the renewable ammonia plant in the second half of 2026, with first production scheduled for 2029, depending on Hydro-Québec’s connection schedule. For Hy2gen, this is another decisive step forward. Since 2023, Hy2gen has been producing renewable hydrogen at its plant in Werlte, Germany.

The steady electricity supply from the hydro-electric-based power grid for the COURANT production plant will allow for constant operation of the electrolysis process. Together with nitrogen produced on site, this renewable hydrogen will be combined to make renewable ammonia. Curant’s location has short transport links to off-takers where the ammonia will be used to decarbonise chemicals production, enabling the transition to a sustainable and emissions–neutral industry.

Through its global subsidiaries, Hy2gen is aiming to become the largest and most reliable supplier of renewable hydrogen, believing it to be a powerful accelerator of renewable transformation.