The governing Conservative party manifesto for the upcoming UK general election ‘opens the door to onshore wind and snubs nuclear’ according to Greenpeace UK.

Commenting on the environmental and energy policies in the manifesto the organisation’s UK executive director John Sauven commented: "When it comes to environment and energy, Teresa May's manifesto is a mixed bag, but there are some encouraging signs. The 2015 manifesto's draconian ban on onshore wind has been softened, opening the door for developing the cheapest of all energy sources in Scotland. Along with the promise to retain Britain's leadership on offshore wind, this will provide a huge boost for jobs in the regions”
"The lack of any mention of nuclear energy is telling: it's clear Teresa May doesn't want to be associated with a beleaguered industry at a time when alternatives like wind and solar are getting ever cheaper. The major flaw in the manifesto's energy plans is the continued support for unpopular and unproven fracking, based on a misguided comparison between the US and the UK.
"The commitment to take the lead on climate action is very welcome, and May should demonstrate it now by breaking her silence and calling on the US to stay in the Paris agreement.”