GE’s Distributed Power business has launched a suite of data-driven solutions under its trademarked GE Predictivity brand that uses the industrial internet to improve the performance of its LM6000 aeroderivative gas turbines by optimising performance, improving uptime and efficiency and reducing life-cycle costs in distributed power applications. The suite currently includes two components. The first is called ‘On Site Power Visibility’. It organises the data output of each aeroderivative GT, including maintenance and operational data, to assist in business decision-making. The turbines are connected to GE’s Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics Centre via the industrial internet to provide data for analysis and real-time technical support and reduce the potential for unplanned events. It provides "predict-and-prevent" solutions by bringing remote monitoring and diagnostics into play .
The second is called ‘On Site Power Performance’ and is intended to increase the flexibility of an LM6000 aeroderivative, assisting users to boost incremental power by 1-5 MW over the existing level through the application of advanced analytics. GE says that it supports faster starting and loading and can cut full load startup time by as much as half, allowing operators to take advantage of changing market conditions and opportunities. On Site Power Performance is an efficient way to optimize power generation, operating costs and maintenance impact t.
This kind of customised data-driven solution falls into an emerging market category of data-driven software and services offerings known as asset performance management. APM solutions are aimed at helping asset-centred industrial companies reach greater levels of performance across power generation systems by increasing availability, minimising costs and reducing operational risks.