KoCoS Meßtechnik AG, which specialises in metering and test equipment designed to measure minute changes in power systems for fault recording and power quality measurement purposes, has launched two new test products, a new generation of switchgear testing equipment in the ACTAS range and a multi-point ARTES relay test set designed primarily for carrying out three-phase tests on static and digital protection relays.

The new ACTAS P6 and ACTAS P14 switchgear testers are based on a new hardware architecture reputedly making them more powerful and compact. New test software has been developed to complement the hardware, resulting in a substantial

extension of functionality, for example, being able to reliably test circuit breakers with graphite contacts, or automatically performing evaluations using reference characteristics in accordance with IEC 62271.

The relay test range now includes the

three-phase ARTES 400 II test set, a compact solution which meets every metering demand that KoCoS could think up. For example, having six current outputs make it possible for the operator to carry out three-phase tests on differential protection relays.

Also available is a new stand-alone KoCoS measuring system, a compact evaluation unit for the comprehensive analysis of measurement results. The systems are fully operable from a touch-screen display.