Lot I

Design, supply, installation and commissioning of a new SCADA / EMS System comprising:

(i) Installation of a new National System Control Centre (NSCC), complete with Master-station for the entire network of Cameroon including Engineering, Hardware, SCADA / EMS / NA Software, Training and all equipment and works necessary to interface the controls, indications, alarms, measurement and metering data to the SCADA / EMS system.

(ii) New back-up YCC / Yaounde Control Centre for the Yaounde network (Political Capital of Cameroon), complete with Engineering, Hardware, SCADA Software, Training etc.

(iii) New NCC / Garoua Control Center for the northern network, complete with Engineering, Hardware, SCADA Software, Training etc.

(iv) Modification, extension and fitting of the ground floor of the AES SONEL “Rosa Building” in Douala for the installation of the NSCC.

(v) Modification and fitting (if necessary) of the existing control buildings respectively at the Garoua Substation and Mbankolo for the Regional Control Centres of Garoua and Yaounde.

(vi) Control Centre Facilities like UPS, AC, Civil Works etc. for the new NSCC Control Centre in the AES-SONEL “Rosa Building” ground floor in Douala.

(vii) Control Center Facilities like UPS, AC, Civil Works (if necessary) etc. for the new NCC in the existing Control building of the Garoua Substation and new YCC in the existing AES-SONEL building at Mbankolo in Yaounde.

(viii) Installation of approx. 22 new RTUs in Substations in all Regions

Extension of approx. 12 existing RTUs in Substations from the southern Region utilising (if possible) modules from replaced RTUs. Adaptation works in substations (where necessary) including all auxiliaries and power supplies needs.

(ix) Installation of about 35 automatic hydrological stations on the Sanaga and Benoué River basins and provision of a New Hydro-Meteorological Flow Management System for the Sanaga river basin to be integrated in the new NSCC – SCADA/EMS System;

(x) Interfacing, adjustment and connection/splicing to the telecommunication network for transmission of SCADA and Metering data and speech using Fibre Optic – WAN redundant communication links (The telecommunication network is part of the new IT system to be implemented by AES-SONEL and not part of this Tender).

Lot II

(i) Design, supply, installation and commissioning at the NSCC of a suitable Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and Meter Management System (MMS) for about 365 grid-connected meters and 1300 meters at MV customer premises for the new Electricity Market of Cameroon.

(ii) Adaptation works, where necessary, at metering points in substations, power stations and user premises including all auxiliaries necessary for successful implementation of the metering project.

(iii) Implementation of an Energy Data Management System for Losses Audits for the AES SONEL power system.

Prequalification is open to firms and voluntarily formed joint ventures from all countries in accordance with the present procedures. Applications may be made for prequalification for both Lot I and Lot II as one project. It is expected that Invitations to Bid will be made in May 2007.

Prequalification Criteria

To be pre-qualified to bid, applicants must satisfy the following minimum criteria:

a) Applicants must as independent Contractor or as Joint Venture (JV) severally be the main manufacturer of the SCADA / EMS and AMR / MMS software and major equipment to be supplied, which must have proven experience of at least ten (10) years, up to the bid submission, of safe operation in SCADA / EMS and at least five (5) years of safe operation in AMR / MMS Systems for power systems (under equal or more severe conditions as stipulated in the General Information for the Project ).

b) In case of a joint venture (JV), all of the JV partners shall have a valid ISO 9001 Certification.

c) Within the last five (5) years, the applicant shall have implemented at least three (3) contracts of supply, installation and commissioning of SCADA / EMS and AMR / MMS and associated telecommunication systems (under equal or more severe conditions as stipulated in the General Information of the Project) with similar scope and contract value not less than ten (10) million US $ (for AMR / MMS Systems three (3) million US $).

d) Average annual construction turnover within the last five (5) years shall be more than 10 million US $.

e) Applicants must have construction experience in the following key activities:

• Turnkey design, supply, installation and commissioning of Dispatch Centres at National or Regional level of similar complexity including hardware, SCADA, Energy Management and Network Analysis software.

• Turnkey design, supply, installation and commissioning of Remote Terminal Units using IEC 60870-5-101 data transmission protocols.

• Turnkey design, supply, installation and commissioning of Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and Metering Management System (MMS)

• Design, supply, installation of Hydro-Meteorological systems including Flow Management System modelling software.

• Implementation of Energy Data Management System for Losses Audits.

5. Applicant should provide all necessary supportive documents and satisfactory evidence in order to substantiate information given in the application.

6. In the case of a Joint Venture, applications shall include the joint-venture agreement or a letter of intent. Where the applicant intends to use subcontractors for critical components works notably for Hydro-Meteorological Flow Management System and the management system for Losses Audits, he shall provide the names and experience of the subcontractors.

7. Only firms and joint ventures pre-qualified according to the above qualification criteria will be invited to bid. Pre-selected candidates will be given access to tender documents.

8. AES-SONEL reserves the right to:

(a) amend the scope of the contract to be bid, in which event the contract will only be bid among those pre-qualified bidders who meet the requirements of the contract as amended;

(b) reject or accept any application;

(c) cancel the prequalification process and reject all applications.

AES-SONEL shall neither be liable for any such actions nor be under any obligation to inform the Applicant of the grounds for them.


Please follow the below procedure to participate to this pre-qualification process:

1. Direct your internet browser to www.poweradvocate.com/

2. Click on the “REGISTER” button on the right-hand of your screen


4. After registering, AES SONEL will confirm your involvement and you will receive an email informing that your registration is complete and that you have access to the platform

5. Return to www.poweradvocate.com , logon, and download further information on this pre-qualification (schedules and general information on the project).

You are required to respond electronically via the Power Advocate website before 4th May 2007. This will entail ‘uploading’ any written responses to the Request for Information or any other company data you wish to provide. No hard copy documents will be accepted.

For questions concerning this qualification process, please contact vincent.mainsah@aes.com and emmanuel.moteng@aes.com . For questions concerning the power advocate internet platform, please contact eugenia.gibbons@poweradvocate.com

The Director of Shared Services