NSP Maritime Link Inc. has awarded Nexans a €175 million contract to build a new high voltage direct current link in Canada between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.

Under the contract, Nexans will design, manufacture and install two 200 kV HVDC power cables that will span a subsea distance of approximately 170 km. The link will connect the island of Newfoundland to the North American transmission system for the first time

Nexans will supply approximately 340 km of mass-impregnated HVDC subsea and land cables as well as fibre optic elements, transition joints for the sea and land cables, and other joints and terminations. The project will be Nexans’ most significant in North America to date, says the firm.

To cross the Cabot Straight between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, the cables will be installed at sea depths of up to 470 m by Nexans’ own cable ship, C/S Nexans Skagerrak. The cables will be protected on the seabed by trenching using Nexans’ own CapJet system and rock installation.

The 500 MW Maritime link will enable the transmission of electricity from Newfoundland and Labrador to Nova Scotia and other energy markets in Canada and the north-eastern United States. The project will include two 170 km subsea cables across the Cabot Strait, with almost 50 km of overland transmission in Nova Scotia and close to another 300 km of overland transmission on the island of Newfoundland.

The Maritime Link  between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, Canada