NKT says it has completed commissioning of the 170 kV HVAC cable system for the 400 MW Kriegers Flak combined grid solution in the Baltic Sea.

The Kriegers Flak combined grid solution is the world’s first offshore interconnector using the national grid connections of offshore wind farms to connect the power grids of Denmark and Germany.

NKT is providing the high-voltage cable systems for the innovative project connecting the Danish region of Zealand with the German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania via two offshore windfarms – Kriegers Flak and Baltic 2. When fully operational, the Kriegers Flak combined grid solution will provide an important contribution to national and European renewable energy targets.

“We are proud to be part of the innovative project connecting Denmark and Germany,” said Andreas Berthou, Executive Vice President and Head of high-voltage Solutions in NKT. “It is an important step that strengthen the transmission security and the ability to share the capacity of renewable energy across Europe.

NKT is also providing the 220 kV HVAC cable system connecting the 600 MW Danish wind farm Kriegers Flak to the onshore power grid in Denmark which is expected to be taken into operation later this year.

The Kriegers Flak combined grid solution has been categorized as a project of common interest (PCI) by the European Commission as it is contributing to the development of the interconnected power grid needed to create a unified energy market in Europe.

The project is also subsidised by the European Energy Program for Recovery (EEPR).