APR Energy has signed a contract with state-owned utility Horizon Power to build a peaking power plant in Port Hedland, Western Australia.

The power plant will operate for at least 30 months and will serve as a bridging solution until TransAlta Energy develops a 150 MW combined cycle gas power station in the region, expected in early 2017.

APR Energy says the plant, which will featuring four state-of-the-art GE TM2500+ dual-fuel turbines, has been designed for extreme conditions in Western Australia, where temperatures can reach 48ÂșC in the summer.

In addition, it can be rapidly expanded with two additional aero-derivative turbines as capacity requirements grow.

"With this contract, we once again see turbines as the most, if not only, viable technology for utility customers needing large-scale, rapidly-deployed solutions that provide greater grid stability, low capital costs and low emissions," commented Clive Turton, APR Energy’s managing director of Asia Pacific.

"This application is ideal for any new power projects in developed and developing markets and we expect to see more bridging solutions in the future."