The UK company Peter Brotherhood has finally secured an order in France, almost 130 years after it won a gold medal at an engineering exhibition in Paris. The contract, worth around $1.5 million, is for a 5.7 MW steam turbine.

Although the company, formed in 1867, has sold turbines into over 100 countries it has never before been able to build on its Paris exhibition success.

The first French turbine order is for a unit to be installed at a waste incineration plant at Villefranche sur Saone near Lyon. The unit will be part of a combined heat and power station generating steam for district heating and electricity.

The pass-out condensing turbine will take steam at 44 bar from a boiler fired with domestic and commercial refuse. Some of the steam will be passed to the district heating system at 17 bar from between stages of the turbine; the remainder will be exhausted through the last turbine stages to an air-cooled condenser.

Delivery is scheduled for the summer of 2001. The plant is expected to become operational the following summer.