Green hydrogen developer Meld Energy has received approval from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council in the UK to construct a £250 million, 100 MW green hydrogen production facility in Hull. The project will position the Humber area as a centre of excellence for hydrogen, helping facilitate the government’s goals for reducing emissions and increasing hydrogen utilisation. 

Meld Energy is now preparing to build the green hydrogen production facility at Saltend Chemicals Park, a move that will create the capacity to meet up to 30% of the park’s existing hydrogen demand. This increase in green hydrogen production will lead to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of 125 000 tonnes annually, a substantial step towards a more sustainable future. 

Saltend Chemicals Park is a hub for major chemical businesses such as BP Petrochemicals, Mitsubishi Chemicals UK and Ineos.

Hydrogen can be used as a replacement for natural gas, as a fuel for various modes of transport such as buses, heavy goods vehicles, and cars or as an ingredient for clean hydrogen derived fuels. When burned, it does not produce carbon, which makes it compatible with legislation aimed at addressing climate change. Meld’s green hydrogen will be produced through electrolysis, a process that involves using electricity from fully renewable sources to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen is crucial for the chemical industry’s transition to net zero, as it offers a viable path to decarbonisation, especially considering the industry’s significant use of gas. 

Meld Energy submitted a bid to access funding from round two of the government’s Hydrogen Production Business Model in April of this year. Successful schemes are expected to be announced later this year, with the government aiming to support up to 875 MW of hydrogen production in total. 

The Humber region is a large industrial centre and the biggest industrial emitter of CO2 in the UK – with over 5% of the UK’s overall emissions and 50% more than the next largest region, which makes it an ideal location for hydrogen production.