HyNet North West and independent power producer InterGen have announced plans to collaborate to create a low carbon power station at InterGen’s Rocksavage power plant in Liverpool City Region, UK.  

Expected to begin in the mid-2020s, the partnership could reduce the carbon dioxide emissions from the power station by over 150 000 tonnes each year.

HyNet North West intends to begin its part of decarbonising the North West UK and North Wales regions from as soon as 2025, replacing fossil fuels currently used for electricity generation, industry, heating homes and transportation with hydrogen. The project will also include CCS facilities.

InterGen anticipates that by 2028, Rocksavage will have enough hydrogen produced by HyNet to move towards a 100% net zero power generation power station as the gas turbine technology becomes available. 

The project will also play a big part in supporting Liverpool City Region in its commitment to reach zero carbon by 2040.