Jilin Carbon Group has reportedly signed a landmark agreement to directly purchase power from Jilin Longhua Thermal Power Plant in Jilin Province in the northeast of the country. Breaking the previous duopoly, this is the first legal contract in China to allow a generating firm to bypass the either of the two grid companies and sell electricity directly to a large user.

Meanwhile, the State Development and Reform Commission has announced the industrialisation of renewable energy technologies in five key fields.

These fields include plans to industrialise the 1.5 MW variable-speed constant-frequency unit and the 1.2 MW direct-driven permanent-magnet wind power generating unit and to industrialise the silicon ingot and chip for solar battery use and high efficient and low-cost solar battery parts and components and system control components. Elsewhere, new types of solar heating and geothermal-pump heating and refrigeration are being investigated, including electron tube collector, large-area, high and middle-temperature solar water heating system, all-weather solar water heating system, and high-efficiency geothermal pump.