A major winter storm has brought heavy snow and ice to parts of the USA and Canada, and prompted weather warnings for more than 80 million people. The BBC reports that more than 145 000 people are without power in some south-eastern states, and thousands of airline flights have been cancelled.

The US National Weather Service (NWS) says more than 30cm of snow is expected in some areas. Virginia, Georgia, and North and South Carolina have all declared states of emergency.

Snow and ice could result in "dangerous travel, power outages, and tree damage", the NWS warned. There were also forecasts of possible coastal flooding in some areas, including in New York City and parts of Connecticut, with warnings that roads and infrastructure could be affected. 

In Canada's Ontario province, which shares a border with New York state, officials issued storm warnings on Sunday for much of the south. Toronto, the capital of the province and Canada's largest city, was forecast to get 20cm of snow.