Prysmian Group has been awarded, through its subsidiary in the UK, a medium voltage cable framework agreement with National Grid Electricity Distribution for a minimum of 3 years. 

To access renewable energy more effectively, more expansive and more intelligent grids and infrastructures are required, able at spanning further distances and facilitating two-way energy traffic to and from where the energy is produced and consumed, to cope with the increased capacity demands of global electrification. This kind of grid hardening at the core of Prysmian's R&D strategy, and the company has developed solutions that support the growing need for grid stability and innovation, including asset monitoring systems and grid enhancement solutions. 

With this agreement medium voltage cables will be supplied primarily from Prysmian’s manufacturing plant in North Wales, and will assist National Grid to expand and modernise the network supporting the increase in demand. 

Prysmian and National Grid have built a strategic relationship over many years across all voltage levels for supply into the UK market, including the UK–Norway North Sea Link, the world’s longest submarine electricity interconnector, the Viking Link, the first submarine cable connection between the UK and Denmark, IFA2, the France-UK interconnector, and Western HVDC Link, a new submarine high voltage direct current interconnector between Scotland and England.