The International Energy Agency has released its ‘2022 Energy Technology RD&D Budgets Data’ report, together with a new report designed to help governments better track their national energy RD&D investments.

The Energy Technology RD&D Budgets free database, with data on public budgets up to 2022, is a unique data collection obtained from national administrations. In 2021, the estimated total public energy research, development and demonstration (RD&D) budget for IEA member countries increased by 5% reaching USD 23.6 billion. This was the fourth consecutive year of increase after five years of decrease although at a slower rate than previous years.

In the past 5 years the increase in public RD&D budgets (among IEA countries) has been driven mainly by energy efficiency with a USD 2.1 million increase: but the most rapid increase has been for hydrogen and fuel cells technologies at a growth rate of 162%.