Rolls-Royce has signed a contract with EPC contractor Energyco for the supply of four gensets to a cogeneration plant in Kosice, Slovakia. The plant will also supply grid support services. Based on the medium speed gas engine B35:40V20AG2, it will generate a total of 37 MW heat and power for the district heating company Teplaren Kosice a.s. The contract will also include a service agreement for 5 years. The engines are produced at Bergen Engines AS, which is part of Rolls-Royce Power Systems.
“One of the critical parameters required by TEKO was 3 minutes start to full load to comply with Slovakian grid support service. This was new for us and we appreciate that Bergen Engines could commit to these requirements,” said Lubomir Fejko, Energyco project and site manager.
The medium speed engines from Rolls-Royce are flexibly designed for different operating modes, and can be used to generate base-load, peak power or operate in combined cycle. Three minutes from start, the engines can operate at 100 % load at the rated speed of 750 rpm, and are therefore well suited to balance changes in the grid parameters.

Hot water from the engines’ cooling system will be used for district heating in the district. It can also be used to generate steam from heat recovery steam generators to supply industrial customers.

This will be Rolls-Royce’s first delivery of medium speed reciprocating engines to Slovakia, complementing the installed base of 96 MWe in central Europe. The plant is scheduled to be commissioned early 2019.