Russia is "ready to build, operate and finance investments in nuclear power plants" in Brazil, according to Rosatom deputy director general Kirill Komarov.
Speaking at a seminar in Rio de Janeiro on 7 June, Komarov said that Rosatom could offer ‘a wide range of solutions.’

"We are flexible partners and we are ready to evaluate any model of co-operation with Brazil," he said.
"If Brazil decides that supports private investors, we are available. In Turkey, for example, we will be 100% owners. But this is a decision of the Brazilian government".
Meanwhile, the president of Electronuclear, Othon Luiz Pinheiro, stressed that Brazil needs to think of other solutions to the energy matrix, now quite dependent on hydropower. Eletrobras has plans to build four to eight nuclear power plants by 2030 and is considering only pressurised water reactor technology. According to Pinheiro, "Rosatom is one of the qualified suppliers that are under evaluation". Brazil currently has two nuclear power plants, Angra 1 and 2, and with a third, Angra 3, under construction.